If you are trying to pair your Tata Pad for the first time make sure you have followed all the steps correctly by watching this video:

If you see "The Tata Pad is already connected to another account" in the app, follow the steps below to solve it easily!

If you have already connected the Tata Pad to a first smartphone, follow our guide on how to SHARE your Tata Pad with another person. Remember that you can share your device with two other people.


If you need to contact us by opening a ticket with our technical support, fill out this form 


Our team will help you solve it quickly and easily!

  • Reason for contact: technical assistance
  • Technical problem encountered: Tata Pad does not connect to my smartphone

Add this information to the message:

  1. Account used for registration (where do I recover my account?)

  2. Serial number of your Tata Pad (where do I find the serial number?)