Yes, you can share the Tata Pad with other people. This means that if you share your Tata Pad with another person, both of you will have the opportunity to use the same device at the same time, or alone, and can travel with the baby safely by taking advantage of all the features of the baby safety system.

What are the advantages of sharing? 

  • You can choose to share your Tata Pad with two other people

  • Each user can choose their own emergency contact list

  • Each user can choose a name to give to the Tata Pad

  • The user who first registered the Tata Pad can decide to revoke the ability to share that they have granted to another person at any time

  • The person who received permission to share can always choose to delete the Tata Pad

How do I activate sharing?

We have created a special guide that allows you to activate sharing. 

Click here and follow all the steps you need to take.

Did you previously activate Beta Sharing? 

Click here to find out how to switch to official sharing. 

In case of need, contact our technical assistance team using this form and select:

  • Reason for contact: technical assistance
  • Problem encountered: sharing Tata Pad with another smartphone