This page is dedicated to all our customers who had previously requested and obtained Beta Sharing and who wish to upgrade to the official version!

First download the Tata app update:

You can share your Tata Pad with this new version of the app. It is necessary to complete two different steps: the first user will have to re-share their Tata Pad, while the second user will have to officially accept the sharing invitation.

How do I know if I am the first or second user?

After downloading the update, open the Tata app and enter your device settings. Click on "Manage sharing". If you see "Share" it means that you are the first user, in which case go to point 1 of our instructions.

If, on the other hand, after clicking on "Manage sharing" you see "Shared with you" it means that you are the second user, in which case go to point 2 of our instructions.

Point 1

IMPORTANT: Before starting the sharing procedure, make sure that you have downloaded the Tata app update and that the person who has to accept the sharing option has the Tata Pad next to them in order to pair the device with their smartphone.

  • Click on "Share". The app will generate a link that you can share with whoever you want. Send the sharing link using the channels available to you (email, whatsapp etc.). 

N.B.: each link is unique and can be only used for a single share. The link generated will only remain valid if the invitation is not accepted by the second user. 

Once the invitation has been sent, you will see the status of your Tata Pad on the "Sharing Management" screen indicate "awaiting confirmation". This status means your invitation is waiting to be accepted.

When the second user accepts the invitation, you will see the name of the person you shared your Tata Pad with in your app.

Point 2

IMPORTANT: Before starting the sharing procedure, make sure that you have downloaded the Tata app update and that you have the Tata Pad next to you.

  • Click on the link sent to you by the first user.
    Remember that the first user can use different tools to send you the link (email, whatsapp etc.). If the invitation arrives via your email inbox, make sure you know which email address the first user sent you the invitation to and check the spam folder if necessary.

  • Once you open the link that was sent to you by the first user, you will automatically enter the "Accept the Tata Pad Usage Sharing invitation" screen in the Tata app. Click on "Ok, I accept the invitation".

    What happens if you hit the X in the top right?
    You will close the screen but you can still continue with the sharing process! You have to start over by clicking on the link that was sent to you again

  • Now you will see "Tata Pad has been shared with you" in the app. Click on "Start Connection" to link the device to your account.
    After clicking on "Start Connection", the app will take you to the page with the services that have to be active. 

  • Once all the required services have been activated, click on "Continue" to begin the procedure for connecting the Tata Pad. Follow the steps described by the app to complete the activation of the Tata Pad.

  • Choose the name to give to your device and enter the list of your emergency contacts (you must choose at least two contacts). Unlike the Beta version, each user has their own emergency contact list.

  • Once you have chosen your emergency contacts, click on "Continue" to complete the operation.

Congratulations! Now the Tata Pad is connected to both smartphones and you can share your device.

In case of any doubts, contact our technical support and open a support ticket using this form.