This page is dedicated to all our customers who wish to activate Sharing on their Tata Pad.

First download the new Tata app update:


  • The person you choose to share your Tata Pad will also need to download the latest version of the Tata app on their smartphone.
  • Make sure the person you want to share the Tata Pad with has the device next to them to pair it with their smartphone.

Process for the first user (the person who already has the Tata Pad paired):

  • Open the Tata app and enter the settings on your device, Click on "Manage sharing" and then click on "Share"

After a few seconds, the Tata app generates a link that you can send using different tools, such as Whatsapp, email, etc.

Choose the person you want to share your Tata Pad with and send them the sharing link.

N.B.each link is unique and can be only used for a single share. The link generated will only remain valid if the invitation is not accepted. If you are unable to share the newly generated link, you can cancel it and repeat the operation again.

Once the link has been sent, you will see the status of your Tata Pad on the "Sharing Management" screen indicate "awaiting confirmation". This status means your invitation is waiting to be accepted.

When the second user has accepted the invitation, followed the instructions and finished setting up the Tata Pad on their smartphone, you will see the name of the person you shared your Tata Pad with in your app.

You will not have to do anything else after sending the link; to activate the sharing option, the second user must now follow the steps below. 

Process for the second user (the person the Tata Pad is shared with):

  • Click on the share link. You will automatically enter the "Accept the invitation to share the Tata Pad" screen in the Tata app 
  • Click on "Ok, I accept the invitation".

What happens if you hit the X in the top right?

You will close the screen but you can still continue with the sharing process! You have to start over by clicking on the link that was sent to you again.

N.B.If you have not previously installed the Tata app on your smartphone, when you click on the share link you will first be directed to the Store to download the app. Subsequently, after registering, you will access the "Accept the invitation to share Tata Pad" screen and you will be able to accept the invitation.

  • Click on "Start Connection" to link the device to your account.
    After clicking on "Start the connection", proceed by accepting the services requested by the app which must necessarily be active to ensure the functioning of the Tata Pad.


Are you the second user and you don't have the Tata Pad with you? Click on "Connect later" to carry out the operation at a later time. The invitation will remain valid, you just need to open the app and click on the shared Tata Pad to connect to it later.

  • Once all the required services have been activated, click on "Continue" to begin the procedure for pairing the Tata Pad. Follow the steps described by the app to complete the activation of the Tata Pad.
  • Choose the name to give to your device and enter the list of your emergency contacts (you must choose at least two contacts).
  • Once you have chosen your emergency contacts, click on "Continue" to complete the operation.

Congratulations! Now the Tata Pad is connected to both smartphones and you can share your device.

In case of any doubts contact us and open a ticket with our technical support using this form.