Open the Tata app. If you see your previous device paired with your smartphone, follow these simple steps to delete the previous Tata Pad you returned.

  1. Enter your device settings by clicking on the top right

  2. Click on "delete Tata"

  3. When asked "are you sure you want to delete this Tata?" Press "continue".


If instead you see the welcome screen when you open the app, read the tips below for accessing the app quickly.


  1. Click on Start
  2. Click on "Already have an account? Login"
  3. Enter your account: email or Facebook.

If you don't remember your login details, click here to retrieve them.


Once logged into your account, follow the steps for deleting your first Tata Pad, which you can find above.

Now take your new Tata Pad and make sure you insert the two CR2032 batteries that you will find inside the package correctly, checking that there is no glue residue when you remove them from the cardboard.

Watch the video on how to insert the batteries:


Let's pair the Tata Pad with your smartphone:

  1. Press on + (symbol in the centre of the screen)
  2. Activate all the services the app requires
  3. Put your hand on the cushion
  4. Wait for the activation and searching sounds
  5. Press "continue" in the app

 How do I pair my Tata Pad with my iOS smartphone?  

How do I pair my Tata Pad with my Android smartphone?