You can add from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 5 emergency contacts.


In case of danger, our virtual switchboard will send an emergency call and/or text messages with the child's GPS location.


N.B.: the GPS of the smartphone of the user who was using the Tata pad must remain active in order to provide the exact location of the child.


Why do I need to enter emergency contacts?

Tata Pad is a system with three levels of alarm, and is the only one capable of recognising different dangerous situations. Emergency contacts are the last alarm level. 


It is important to enter them because if those traveling with the child are unable to answer, we will know who to notify in case of danger.


We will send an emergency call to the numbers pre-selected by you. 

Your contacts will be able to deactivate the alarm on your behalf or request a text message is sent with the location.


Tata Pad is the only device that can send text messages and emergency calls even if your smartphone is off or has no battery or reception.


The emergency calls and text messages DO NOT come from your smartphone, but from our server which operates as if it were a real virtual switchboard.