Yes, the notification will sound even if you have the smartphone in silent mode.
The first level alarm is a sound notification lasting 30 seconds that comes 3 minutes after your Tata Pad has disconnected from your smartphone.

If your smartphone doesn't ring, follow these steps to make sure you've set everything up correctly.

If you have an iOS smartphone, follow these instructions.

iPhone with OS ≥ 12.0

If your iPhone does not ring when the first level alarm goes off, first check that you have activated critical notifications on your smartphone.

How can I verify this permission? 

  •  iPhone home

  • Settings

  • Tata 

  • Notifications


iPhone with OS 11.0

If your smartphone doesn't have important notifications, make sure

  • the music volume is not set to zero
  • permission for notifications is active

If you have an Android smartphone Contact our help centre to help you solve it quickly and easily! Use this page